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Network Services Case Studies

Finding a Trusted IT Partner

“The entire upfront process transitioning to SSE was exceptional compared to the two other firms we worked with in the past. The meticulous way they investigated, researched, tested and really learned how our network supports the daily operations of our business BEFORE they ever touched anything was tremendous. Their care in understanding our business needs truly brought peace of mind that we finally found the right IT partner.”    - Joe B., Jr. – Financial Servcies Firm

Learn how this Mortgage Firm finally found their trusted IT partner with SSE after a three year search and failed attempts with two previous companies.  See complete case studyPDF_icon

Reliability and Security

“Computer availability, reliability and security are critical to the success of our business, our clients and the roughly billion dollars we manage on their behalf.”    - Mike L. – Financial Servcies Firm

Learn how this Financial Services Firm relies on SSE’s Managed IT Service Offering PretechtSM to maintain their business network and keep their critical company data secure.  See complete case studyPDF_icon

 Preventative Monitoring

“Knowing our system is monitored 24/7 from a remote location gives us the confidence and peace of mind that SSE will predict and handle most problems before they affect our business operations with losses of valuable time and data.”   – Suzanne N. – Interior Design Firm

Learn how this Interior Design Firm saved valuable company data from an imminent hard drive failure with 24/7 preventative monitoring from SSE’s PretechtSM offering.  See complete case studyPDF_icon

Efficiency and Money Savings

“PretechtSM has helped us to early identify any potential problems that could cause downtime and solve them before the Club experiences any service interruptions or loss of valuable data.”       – Ed P.   – Country Club

Learn how this Florida-based Country Club improved efficiency in operations from afar and saved money in the process implementing SSE’s Managed IT Service Offering PretechtSM.         See complete case studyPDF_icon

Disaster Prevention

“Before switching to PretechtSM, there was always the risk that our server would crash during a power outage.  PretechtSM has eliminated one of my worst nightmares and greatly improves the reliability of systems we need to serve our clients and run our business.”        – Teresa S.   – Communications Firm

Learn how this Communications Firm helped protect their business from disaster by switching to SSE’s Managed IT Service Offering PretechtSM.         See complete case studyPDF_icon


Learning Services Case Studies

For nearly 30 years now, SSE has been developing award-winning custom learning solutions for a variety of clients. Our solutions are carefully crafted by assessing a client’s challenges from both a business and learner perspective and then translating that into a successful solution that educates, motivates, changes behavior and improves performance.

Combined mLearning and eLearning Software Application Simulation

Enterprise-Wide Technology Deployment - RehabCare Group
Mobile Example Software DeploymentLearn how this nationwide healthcare provider transitioned its entire workforce of over 15,000 employees to a new SMART software application, with therapists learning the new software through an mLearning simulation deployed directly on an Apple iPod Touch device and Program Directors learning through a PC-based eLearning simulation.
See complete case studyPDF_icon


 mLearning Employee Training

New Product and Employee Training - Cricket Communications
Mobile Example Product TrainingLearn how this national wireless provider used mLearning proof-of-concept modules developed by SSE to bring an mLearning platform to their 3,500 employees and 9,500 retail locations nationwide.
See complete case studyPDF_icon


eLearning Sales Training

Sales Training for a Global Workforce  - Furniture Brands
Contextualized eLearningLearn how this global home furnishings retailer enhanced their existing video-based library of sales training by adding interactive eLearning courseware to help increase learner engagement and retention of the training.
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eLearning Software Application Simulation

Enterprise-Wide Technology Deployment – Bunzl Distribution, USA 
elearning application simulationLearn how this nationwide distribution company with over 90 warehouse locations and 3,500 employees transitioned from a paper-based processing system to a new eWarehousing order fulfillment system through an eLearning Application Simulation that was customized directly to meet the challenge of a workforce with varying skills and educational level, and most employees using English as a second language.
See complete case studyPDF_icon


 eLearning Sales Training

Sales Training for a New Product Launch - Avon Products, Inc.
eLearning example Virtual RewardsLearn how this leading manufacturer and marketer of women’s cosmetics and accessories launched a new product line, mark, which required an interactive eLearning Sales Training Program for an entirely new, younger sales force, as well as their 3.5 million core sales representatives dispersed among 143 countries.
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 eLearning with Scenario-Based Role Plays

Solution Created to Augment Client Offerings - TALX Corporation
eLearning role playsLearn how this global business services company helped their clients control unemployment costs by deploying a contextualized learning solution full of scenario-based role-plays aimed at reducing unemployment claims.
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eLearning Enhancement

Curriculum & Deployment Platform Enhancement - BAI
eLearning enhancement
Learn how this provider of research, market information/intelligence and educational services to the financial services industry enhanced the instructional integrity and delivery platform of their eLearning library to keep up with rapid regulatory and technological changes.
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Business Process Documentation

PeopleSoft ERP Process Documentation - BJC Healthcare
Business process documentation
Learn how this leading healthcare provider observed that team members in various operational support groups were experiencing challenges in transitioning to new PeopleSoft processes and engaged SSE to identify documentation that may have been inaccurate or incomplete and help BJC properly create documentation and training support for over 70 operational PeopleSoft processes.
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