Company History

Fueled with her experience working for IBM, Susan S. Elliott incorporated Systems Service Enterprises, Inc. (SSE) in 1966 on a pursuit to build her own technology business.  SSE’s first office was a very simple set up… one computer on a piece of plywood located in the basement of Susan’s home!  It was here Susan learned the importance of the impact computers would have in the business world and began designing a company that would focus on supporting this new technology.

In the early 1980′s, SSE became focused on the PC platform and began helping individuals understand how to harness the power of this new hardware platform and the software that would run on it; hence the advent of our Training Services.

As corporations began to embrace the PC platform as an enterprise technology and required assistance in configuring and managing both the deployment and ongoing support, companies again turned to SSE, and SSE responded by providing desktop support and technology management services. In the 1990′s, with greater reliance on PC’s and the ability to network them, SSE formed a network infrastructure practice.  Known today as our Technology (Network) Services division, it deployed solutions that allowed employees to more easily communicate and collaborate with networks and technologies.

In 2002, leveraging its 20 years of commercial experience, SSE expanded into serving the needs of Government clients.  SSE’s capabilities have translated directly to serving the public sector as both a partner to prime government contractors and as a direct service provider.

Finally, SSE’s capabilities have evolved with technology through the Internet boom and now in support of the explosion of mobile and wireless technologies, as well as cloud technologies, to fuel its growth and success.

SSE’s journey and Susan Elliott’s 50 years in technology have recently been showcased in her book, Across the Divide: Navigating the Digital Revolution as a Woman, Entrepreneur,  and CEO.  For more information about the book, please click here.