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What Is Multi-Factor Authentication and Why Do I Need It?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security measure that requires two or more credentials to verify someone’s identity. It can be used to create a layered defense against unauthorized access to information, accounts, or even physical locations. It may be less convenient than simply typing in your username and password, but it’s also a much safer […]

NIST 800-171 and Why It Matters to You

If you’re a federal government contractor or executive agency, then you’ve likely dealt with unclassified information. Before the introduction of the NIST 800-171, how this information was handled different from contractor to contractor. This was a problem, as some unclassified information contains sensitive information. The NIST was created to standardize the process of handling sensitive […]

SSE Earns Datto Blue Partner Status

We are proud to announce that SSE has officially achieved Blue Partner status with Datto!  Only 5% of Datto partners earn this rank, making it the highest honor a Datto partner can receive. This distinction recognizes SSE for “a high level of technological proficiency and skilled delivery of valued services to technology customers.” Datto, A […]

The Business of Family Business: KMOX Features SSE

Each week, KMOX partners with CMA to learn the secrets to success when future generations successfully take over the family business. As a company that’s been handed down from mother to daughter, SSE was the perfect business to share their story on the show. In the interview, our founder, Susan S. Elliott and our President […]