Business Continuity

It’s true… no business is immune from downtime.  With increased security risks, natural disasters and plain old technology failures, it’s pretty much guranteed that at some point your business could experience costly downtime.  It’s not a question of if, but when.  And when it happens, will your business be prepared?

Or, will you fall into this trap:

  • Data backupData loss
  • Loss of productivity
  • Loss of revenue
  • Customer frustration
  • Negative impact on business reputation
  • Potential non-compliance to industry regulations
  • Costs to restore data and systems
  • Resources tied up to aid business recovery
  • Potential litigation/loss of stock value


It’s time to be prepared!  Take a look at this video to help understand how your business can prepare for disaster and keep operations going with a Business Continuity Solution.

Perhaps you have a traditional backup solution but are not sure if this solution will truly allow for Business Continuity. To see the difference and download a factsheet on Traditional Backup vs. Business Continuity, click here.  Or if you’d like to see more detailed steps on Disaster Recovery and download a diagram, click here.

To learn more about SSE’s Business Continuity Solution and protect your business from a disaster, call us today at 314.439.4700!  If you are a local business looking for Business Continuity solutions and/or managed IT services, please visit our Network Division website at for more details.