IT Consulting

At SSE, we’ve been advising businesses with their technology decisions for over three decades. We understand most people did not go into business to be an IT expert; but in today’s world, technology is integral to your business success. As your trusted partner and IT advisor, we seek to understand your business and ensure your investments in technology support your strategic business objectives.   If you are a local business looking for IT consulting and/or managed IT services, please visit our Network Division website at for more details.   A summary of our IT consulting services includes the following range of services:

IT Strategic Consulting

SSE will meet with you to discuss both your short and long-term business goals and objectives. After a thorough review of your technology environment, SSE can help you determine the right plan for your investment in technology to support and foster your business objectives.

IT Security Consulting

With cyber security threats on the rise, it is increasingly important to make sure you have the proper preventative measures in place for your business to fend off hackers and cyber criminals. SSE can assess the current security measures at your business and recommend solutions to ensure you and your data are protected.

Network Assessment

SSE will assess the current state of your network and computer systems to determine if there are any major risks to the stability of your network. By comparing the maintenance and operations of your IT back-office to basic industry standards, SSE can very quickly and measurably impact the health of business systems.

In addition, we are both a Certified Microsoft Partner and a Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist.  For more information on our IT Consulting Services call us at 314-439-4700 or contact

Looking for An In-Depth Technology Review of Your Business?

We can assess your business from top to bottom to ensure you’ve got the right technology, systems and processes in place to meet your business needs! This in-depth assessment will dive deeper into your infrastructure set-up and identify gaps in IT Best Practices. Plus, we’ll meet with top management, end users and your internal IT team to gather feedback on current technology and processes, then make recommendations to better align your technology with your strategic business goals. The assessment can include the following:

  • Network Infrastructure Review & Gap Analysis – This task involves a hands-on review of all servers, core network components, and representative workstations in order to compare the currently deployed network configuration with industry standard best practices.
  • Technology Requirements Review – This task ensures the necessary technology, tools, and capabilities are in place to provide best-in-class support to the user base.
  • Management Requirements Review – This task has a goal of identifying, reviewing, and documenting management requirements and strategic priorities.
  • User Requirements Survey – This task involves sending an electronic survey to end users to capture current user satisfaction ratings for technology, including: (1) performance and reliability; (2) user support from your internal team; and (3) training. Additionally, it captures core user needs with options for comments.
  • Technical Support Review – This task involves meeting with your internal IT team to review and understand the current support approach and processes.

After our assessment, we’ll present you a detailed report outlining findings, prioritized recommendations of must-dos to should-dos, and an estimated budget with proposed timeline to address and resolve identified challenges via internal resources or project outsourcing. Call 314.439.4700 to discuss the details!

Visit our Network Division website at for more details.