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Across The Divide:  Navigating the Digital Revolution as a Woman, Entrepreneur and CEO

Throughout the years when I told people that I went to work for IBM as a programmer following graduation from Smith College in 1958, they would press me for more details. How did you happen to do that? How did you find out about such an opportunity? What was technology like in those days? Did you use punch cards? And then you started your own business; how and why did you do that? What was it like to be a woman in business way back then? After briefly describing the circumstances and reasons why, people would always respond with, “You should write a book.”


During my stint at International Shoe, I found I was pregnant with our first child. Great news, but I then learned that IBM’s policy (and that of many other companies) was to send women home when they were six months pregnant to “eat bonbons” […]


Systems Service Enterprises, Inc., or SSE, was incorporated in the state of Missouri on March 8, 1966. The company name built upon my original IBM job title, Systems Service Representative and […] “enterprises” […] The letters also happened to match my initials, Susan Spoehrer Elliott. I thought, “If International Business Machines can be IBM, then surely Systems Service Enterprises can be SSE!”





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