Quality Assurance

Quality is our only measurement of success. Our goal is to consistently deliver exceptional customer service and defect free solutions on-time, on-budget – every time! SSE’s culture fosters continual improvement based on an established quality management system, making us a valued business partner to our clients.

The SSE Quality Management System (QMS) has been developed to comply with regulatory, industry, statutory and customer quality requirements imposed by customers or regulatory agencies for items and services provided by SSE.  The QMS describes SSE commitments to the quality assurance requirements of ISO-9001 and other national regulatory requirements.  SSE has operations throughout the United States that are responsive to government and client needs.  SSE operations are made up of organizations that are responsible for marketing, consulting, design, procurement, development, assembly, installation, inspection, testing, servicing, project management, packaging and operation.

The SSE QMS incorporates quality planning, provides a framework for managing the activities that enable the company to create items and services which consistently satisfy the customer, statutory and regulatory requirements, and is a tool for achieving enhanced customer satisfaction.  The QMS also provides for the continual improvement of the quality management system by monitoring processes based on their significance, measuring their effectiveness against objectives, and management selection of processes for improvement.

Activities affecting quality are documented in accordance with written manuals, procedures, instructions, specifications and drawings that contain appropriate criteria for determining whether proscribed activities have been satisfactorily accomplished.  The documentation is established in the following four distinct levels that integrate the policies, procedures, and working documents.

  • Level 1 QMS
  • Level 2 SSE Policies
  • Level 3 SSE Processes
  • Level 4 Department/Project Procedures and Work Instructions

SSE Quality Management System involves planning, implementing, checking and acting to improve project quality standards. SSE QMS breaks Quality Management into three process groups: Quality Planning (QP), Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC). SSE applies each of these process groups to define, monitor and control quality standards.