Front End Analysis

SSE is dedicated to the conduct of a Front End Analysis (FEA). We understand that the bottom line is if you do not have accurate and concise objectives, the risk of failing to meet job performance requirements is significant. SSE applies a documented analysis process to ensure all training developed based on this FEA will effectively transfer to successful job performance.

Our process is built on the philosophy that training must be directly correlated to the actual job performance requirements expressed as specific, measurable behaviors and objectives. These carefully defined, measurable behaviors and objectives are the means to achieve the required transfer of learning to on-the-job performance. Analysis is the process used to identify the critical tasks, standards, conditions, performance measures, and other criteria needed to perform each task.

We recognize that an effective training solution is based on the tasks identified during analysis. During the FEA, we carefully dissect the required performance by evaluating the mission, job, and task at-hand, and then catalogue its parts.  With this information, SSE can then provide the optimal recommendation for training solutions. We firmly believe the analysis is the most important step in the process and serves as a foundation to ensure the mastery of the targeted job task performance.  A proper FEA will define the project’s needs and establish ways to measure its success and its subsequent design and development.